My husband is taking Amelia and Alexia to their first real concert next week. Alexia has been talking of little else for the last couple of months. As expected, today over breakfast, the topic popped up again.
– The only thing Amelia and I need to decide now is what to wear. Aaaargh, this is so stressful!
– Can we please not worry about it until a couple of days before the concert? I bet daddy is not stressing over what he is going to wear.
– No, he doesn’t, but he doesn’t need to, I already chose what he is going to wear.


The school emailed us at 1.23 today to inform us about early school closure at 1.45. I struggled to see the point of giving us 22 minutes warning, but then again, perhaps this is useful information for stay at home parents having an affair with a milkman or a postman. Except I haven’t seen any of these people in our street since first snowflake. Anyway.


-Mummy, when you took my money for safekeeping you said it will be safe there
– it is safe
– but it’s not there!
After listening to Amelia and me talking about how sometimes women take a contraceptive pill purely to get rid of severe acne on their backs and after listening to a long explanation of what the word contraception means, Alexia applied her own sweet 12 year old logic to it all:  “So, you stop yourself from having babies just so you don’t have pimples on your back??”

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