Kids Week. True Story

This year’s Kids Week tickets went on sale at 10.00am yesterday. Every cultural snob, educationally ambitious, financially challenged mother’s D-Day. The date had been in my diary for months and I was ready.

However, as Sod’s law dictates, whilst tickets became available to purchase online, I was not available to purchase them, having been locked up in Kingston Crown Court court number 3 for closing speeches since 9.30

Husband to the rescue.

I briefed him, complete with notes, charts and a few pointing arrows the night before. His mission, which he accepted grudgingly, was to purchase tickets for 4 shows, on a selection of dates in August, with one specific instruction not to buy tickets for Amelia and me to see Les Mis on the 2nd of August, as this is our blooming 15th wedding anniversary so I might be busy elsewhere.

Husband excelled himself. He managed to purchase tickets to 5 shows out of the 4 that I listed. The first thing I noticed, when I emerged from court was Les Mis booked for the 2nd of August. The second thing I noticed was Kinky Boots booked twice. The third thing I noticed was tickets pickup at the venue, but fair enough, his briefing was ambiguous on this point.

My heart sank a bit as I resigned myself to several, possibly futile hours, unravelling it all.

I emailed Kids Week with multiple requests to change, amend and cancel and half an hour later something amazing and no longer common happened.

Ruth, the Kids Week representative called me back, just to confirm the exact changes I wished to make before she makes them. She then completed all the changes whilst on the phone to me and a few minutes later I received an email confirming everything that she had done. I gasped. I am still recovering.

Customer Service has become a dirty word these days. Kids Week / See Tickets team are doing their best to rebuild its reputation.


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