Back to School



Sixth Form is upon us.
Day one could have gone better.
Amelia’s magical mermaid hair had been labelled ‘extreme’ and she was told to ‘get rid of it’ by next week or risk being removed from a lesson.

Amelia stormed in back home in a thunderous mood. She sat us down around the table and told us that she valued her education extremely highly thank you very much, and she saw the above threat as counterproductive to the very goal that her Sixth Form should be primarily if not exclusively concerned with, namely making sure that they were providing her with the very best education they were capable of providing her with. She struggled to see in what way her turqouise tresses might adversely affect the quality of her own or anybody else’s learning or emotional wellbeing.
She continued in a similarly impassioned manner for a while, front row family entertainment at its best. I was spurring her on mentally, whilst secretly fantasising about her repeating the same wronged teenager rant to her teachers the next day.

And then, when she finished, I quietly got out my phone and typed in
‘how to fade out blue hair dye’.

Being a responsible parent really sucks at times.

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