Apples and Oranges

Sometimes an apple falls so far from the tree that it begins to look like a different fruit altogether.
My son is a prime example of that remarkable botanical phenomenon.

Earlier this year, after giving us a couple weeks notice, he moved himself and his impressive odd socks collection to Launceston, North Cornwall.
Three months later he is still living and working in this unimposing (I love the understatement, me) Cornish town. He had moved there to work as Danny Chambers’ campaign manager.

Who is Danny Chambers? Exactly the question I asked Matt, repeatedly, before it finally sunk in. Danny is the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for North Cornwall, one of Lib Dems target seats for the next election, whenever that might be.

During the next General Election Danny is going to be fighting Scott Man, the incumbent MP, a Tory we don’t like. The reason we don’t like Scott Man is because no matter how far the apple rolls, blood is thicker than water and Family trumps Brexit. Simple.

So if you know anybody in North Cornwall, who is not sure which way to vote, please do me a favour and ask them to vote for Danny. We met him on the weekend and he is an extremely nice guy. He is a local vet with farming background, and he would be extremely good not only for North Cornwall, but for all of us, as we could definitely do with more extremely nice people as MPs.

Below, Matt with his two fellow oranges.

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